TURNKIT-RZRH: Polaris RZR Turn Indicator Kit with Horn - Model XTC TURNKITRZRH  Early Model with non LED/Tear Drop Lights

Printable Instructions

Thank you for purchasing  XTC Motorsports Turn Indicator Kit. Our Turn Indicator Kit is unique from the other kits on the market. We use a Laser engraved Carling sealed marine lit switch to activate and indicate the turn system instead of those cumbersome turn levers that break off.  This kit is plug and play , cables and connectors are premade and ready for easy installation.

Please read the instructions fully and familiarize yourself with the components before starting the install.   

Install instructions:

1.       Remove the hood, the seats and the center plastic hump in center of car. Drill a hole in the fire wall from under the dash to front of car, make sure that you have clearance on the other side and will not damage any item on the other side.

01    03


2.       Lay the cable out on the floor so you can get a feel of the overall kit.

3.       Be sure to keep the harness away from any hot or moving parts. Run the long harness  from under the dash through the fire wall down to center tunnel, through the tunnel and up over the side of the engine so that the yellow wire is to the left rear corner and the green wire goes to the right rear corner of the car. Using the supplied cable ties secure the harness

05 06 

4.       There are two ways to mount the rear LED lights. Inside the tail light housing or on the rear deck. We feel the best place to mount the rear LED lights are inside the factory tear drop tail lights, it gives it a better factory look.

Option 1- Housing installation

 Remove both tail lights from the rear of the car. Using a step drill, drill a 3/4" hole in each of the tail lights as shown in the photos.

Video 1

13 14 

Slide rubber grommet off the LED, insert LED through the hole with wires coming out, then install rubber grommet into hole making sure wire comes through the grommet, using soapy water in the grommet,  pull the LED light back through the grommet.  If it seems to tight drill out holes out to 13/16".

Video 2


17 18 


20 21 

Attach the wires to the lights(green and yellow to black and white to white) and remount the lights.

22 23 

Option 2 - rear deck

Decide proper location of LED lights making sure there is proper clearance and drill a 3/4" hole for both the right and left. Remove rubber grommet from LED and insert in the holes, insert LED into grommet by pushing the wires through first, then the light. Plug the green wire to the black LED wire and the white wire to the white LED wire.

5.       Remove the two front LED's from the harness and run through the fire wall to the Left (yellow) and the right (green) front. Drill  ¾” holes in the front left and right corners to mount the front left and right turn lights, remove the rubber grommet from the light and install in hole then reinsert light into grommet. Use caution when drilling making sure there is proper clearance on the inside    

09 10 

11 12 


6.       Plug front turn lights into connectors on front cable (Note:  Black wire on LED light is positive and goes to the Green and Yellow wires)

7.       Mount the horn in suitable place and attach the purple wire and the supplied ground wire to it, make sure the black wire gets to a proper metal ground or it will not work.

8.       Pick a suitable place to mount the turn switch. Make sure there is proper clearance behind the dash . Using the switch housing as a template, cut the switch opening and insert housing, run switch cable through the housing and attach the plug to the switch, then slide the switch into the housing

switch mounted_turn_switch 


9.       Drill  two ¾” holes for the hazard switch and horn, mount and reconnect. Make sure there is proper clearance behind the dash for the switches - Black wire to top gold pin, Orange or Blue to center and brown to bottom pin.


Shown with optional Vertical turn switch.

10.   Run power wire with fuse to 12vdc and the black wire to ground.

11.   Verify operation,

12.   Using supplied cable ties secure the harness and verify that all cables are secure and away from any HOT or Moving parts. Any extra cable harness can be bundled using cable ties.

13.   Re-Install center console, seats and hood.

For support on installation we can be emailed at support@xtcmotorsports.net or we can be reached by phone at 480-558-8588 Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 5:30 pm MST, Saturday 9am to 2PM MST Closed on Sundays . More install information can be found at www.xtcmotorsports.net/install

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*Disclaimer: This kit is intended for off road use only and  XTC Motorsports claims no responsibility for it use. It is up to the purchaser to make sure it complies with all Federal, State and Local laws.

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